Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquers - Swatches!

2:30 PM

I originally heard about these lip lacquers from Estee from Essiebutton and have been stalking the stores to no avail. However, I was browsing ASOS and found they had them, on sale even! So I picked up a couple of them. I always grab a red (duh) so BIG BANG fits that bill with a slightly warmer deep red, and I've been desperately trying to find a pink I like on me so I got NOVA which is a nice medium blue-based pink.

I tried on NOVA and then took it off because I'm not sure about it on me. But I wore BIG BANG for several hours yesterday and really liked it. The applicator (seen above) is nice. It has a little divot in it so you get enough product to cover your entire mouth without redipping (or at least I did). It is thick and creamy. Not too sticky. It wore nicely and didn't travel off my lips at all after about 4 hours. I took it off after that for bed, so I can't attest to anything further than that.

My only complaint would be the smell. They have a weird smell that isn't good. It is kind of plasticy or chemically. It didn't go away quickly either. I would almost say it is a close YSL Glossystain dupe, but this stuff is a lot thicker.

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