Have you ever bought a makeup product based solely on the name?

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I have. It wasn't cheap either. At least it turned out to be a lipstick with an amazing feel and that looks very pretty!

YSL might be my favorite lipstick brand. The quality is amazing. I can't get over how their products feel on my lips. One day while browsing the depths of the internet for swatches of great red lipsticks that need to come into my life (a favorite pastime), I saw one with the name Roxane. Then I saw it was YSL, who was already one of my go-to brands for lips. WHAT? How did I not know this?

In case you know me, yes, my name is spelled differently than the YSL lippie. But as someone growing up with an unusually spelled name, I take what I can get on that sort of thing. Sidenote: Anyone remember when Alphabits cereal had stickers in the box the shape of their cereal? I wanted to spell my name in those stickers but the sets only came with one X! So I begged and begged for my mom to buy another box. Which was no easy feat since my mom was anti-sugar cereal. But mom was awesome, bought another box and I successfully branded my MAD Magazine game so no one would get confused and think it was their game or something. Sidenote of sidenote: did anyone else have that MAD Magazine game? Where the object was to lose all your money? I loved it much.

Anyway, this lipstick. I looked for it online and YSL had recently sent me a 10% off code that I swore I wasn't going to use. So of course I scoured my gmail trash to find that code and ordered it within minutes of discovery. Now, from the swatch I had seen, I wasn't too sure I'd like this because it really isn't all that impressive in swatches. It leans a little more orange than I tend to go and had more frost as well. I mean, I didn't care because I wanted the name! However, after it arrived, I put it on and it really looks pretty. It isn't my usually blue-red, which is totally fine and the frost is not an 80's frost, but just a subtle beautiful shine that I should have known to expect from YSL. And of course the texture is creamy and it goes on like woah.

Swatch of Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture - 16 Rouge Roxane

Also, you can't beat YSL packaging. I guess some people think they are bulky, but I just see them as shiny and sturdy and like something Nora Charles would have used. They do catch fingerprints like hell though. I don't mind that too much, but I am kind of anal about making sure my lipsticks look nice. I don't like to keep a bunch of them in a bag getting banged up or anything. In fact, I've kept all the boxes for my nice lippies for traveling. I also try to only take one lipstick with me a day so I don't have a bunch in my bag knocking around and getting scratches. 

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