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Once I heard that Drew Barrymore was putting out a makeup line, I was really curious about how it would turn out. Especially knowing that it intended to be sold in drugstores, not tested on animals and made in the USA. Unfortunately the line is currently only sold in Walmart stores. Since I am in NYC where there are (thankfully) no Walmart stores, I decided to buy online. Several things were sold out, but I was able to pick up a few things that looked interesting and obviously I got a large proportion of lipsticks. I have a few first impressions and swatches.

There are a lot of cute names for this collection. And I like the packaging for the most part. The lipsticks are a little bulky, but I have no problem with that as along as it looks pretty, which these do. They are made of plastic so they are light, but the shape seems vintagey and the rose gold colored logo looks adorable. However, they have big stickers on them which are peeling off. Normally I'd peel it right off, but there are no other labels on it to show what the names of the products are...So I am just going to have to remember or, more likely, refer back to this post to see what the names of each are. The cream eye shadow also has a really nice package with a sturdy glass jar and plastic lid with the Flower logo. But again, this has a big sticker that doesn't want to stay on it on top of the lid that is the only indication of the name of the product. I guess they assume people don't care what something is called once they have it? Eh....

First I got the Secret Service Cover-Up Concealer in CU2 Shade 2. It's a light color that seems like a lilac color in the tube. It is fairly liquidy, but seems to blend really well. I wore it for a long day this week and had no issues with it settling in the pesky fine line under my eye.

I also picked up one of the Nail'd It Nail Lacquers in What's the Daffodilly-O, which is an amazing name, btw. According to the package, it is a 3-Free formula. My packaging is cut off, but it seems to say you only need one coat. Now, this color is pretty pigmented, but based on the quick slatering I gave  my thumbnail, it will need two coats. But certainly it doesn't need three. The color is a really pretty pink that will be great for spring. I decided on this because I realized I owned ZERO pink nail polishes. Now I have one!

As I mentioned previously, I also picked up the Color Play Crème Eyeshadow in Flirty Floret. This is a deep browny bronzey color that is SO gorgeous. The gold flecks in it.....to die. And this stuff is crazy pigmented. A teeny dab will go a long way. One thing about this, it isn't like a MAC paint pot or the Maybelline Color Tattoos. This is not that thick, it's....fluffy? It is sort of the texture of cupcake frosting. There is a little plastic thing in side to put on the top (I assume to keep it from drying out?) and it's actually a little hard to pull it out because it is stuck to so much product. Also because it is so loose, I'm not sure how to apply it with a brush. I'll have to play with that a little. Here are some photos to help you see the texture and see the pretty, pretty swatch (which doesn't even do it justice).
See what I mean about the texture being like frosting??

This shows that plastic insert (and the sticker).

I put a glob on the skin and just swiped it once. The sort of bleh spot in the middle is the original glob.

And finally, I got four lipsticks. Because I love lipsticks. There weren't a lot of red tones left, but I'm happy with what I ended up picking out.

First is the Lip Butter in Princess & the Peony. The color of this is nice and I like the golden flecks in it. However, it feels really dry for a lip butter, though it does make your lips look juicy. It has a perfumey smell that I don't find TOO offensive, but is a little much.

The Kiss Sticks came in black tubes and white tubes and I couldn't really figure out the difference based on the packaging, but when I checked the Walmart website again, the ones in the black tubes are "high shine" and the ones in the white tube are "velvet" finish. The two with the high shine have AMAZING color payoff. The swatches for the three Kiss Sticks above are actually one quick swipe. Yeah. Pretty good. However, I did notice that all three of them are dry as hell. I have dry lips and it's winter currently, so perhaps it was just me. I tried one again with some Burts Bees under it and it was 99% better.

Coral Floret is a bright coral that actually doesn't look too awful on me (I've tried these colors before and failed, miserably). I'm hoping to make this a summer staple.

Rose Bud was a big surprise to me. I was expecting a more muted rosey color and was very happy to get this beautiful neutral red. A pretty enough color for me to get past the drying issues and put in the effort to do the extra lip balm underneath step.

Dahlia Dahling is the velvet one. It isn't as pigmented or creamy and feels more drying than the other two. I actually decided to order all this stuff based on swatches I saw of this color. It's really beautiful. I think it probably just falls victim to the velvety texture with being dry. Maybe I'm just having a dry week. I'm hoping because these all seem too pretty to let sit unused!

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  1. Seriously, we just loved the name of this Blog so much, commenting was a must. The Rose Bud and the Black Rose are two of my favorites. When, I'm feeling like I want to be more appealing and edgy, I wear a little of the Rose Bud. It doesn't take much and I always look fabulously stunning. The Black Rose is so close to plum but with less purple hue. I wear that one when I want to tone down a flashy outfit or when I want that effortless beauty associated with going natural.


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