My little baby INGLOT palette

11:45 PM

Top: Eye Shadow Pearl 397 and 402
Bottom: Eye Shadow Pearl 423 and Rainbow Eye Shadow 117R

I'm sure you've all heard about INGLOT. They've had quite the buzz on blogs and youtube from beauty guru's for quite a while. I checked them out about a year ago and made a little four-pan palette of neutrals using their Freedom System. Don't be fooled by my choices in shades, INGLOT has a huge variety of colors and finishes, so there's something for everyone. I've had this for about a year and I still think they are some of the best shadows I've used! I love them. I'm planning to head over to the store and make a bigger palette, but every time I look at swatches I get overwhelmed and have no idea what colors to get! These really are a great value though. I believe it's $6 for a shadow and there are a variety of palettes to choose from (or you could just use something you already have). Plus, I've used these a lot over the last year and they barely have a dent!

Here are the colors I have and my swatches.

Frosted plastic lid lets you see what is inside, but keeps the palette safe with magnets

INGLOT Eye Shadow Pearl 397, 402, 423 and Rainbow Eye Shadow in 117R

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