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I was recently asked if I collect anything. Without much thought I responded "Records and red lipstick," thus the blog name was born.

Red lipstick was something I was frightened of for a very long time. Actually I really didn't wear lipstick at all for many years. I had memories of trying to wear moms lipstick to my high school dances in the mid-90s. The colors were never right for me and after applying whatever tips I had read about in Seventeen magazine (like blot, reapply, blot and powder over), lipstick never felt very comfortable on. In the late 2000s I worked for an Estée Lauder brand for over six years and spent most of that time spending my gratis and discounts on eye shadows and gifts instead of lipsticks, but in my last year working for the company, and about two years ago now, I decided to go bold and try a red lipstick. What was funny was that I didn't use gratis to get the lipstick. Instead I ordered it off Sephora.com without even swatching to see the color (I'm a terrible impulse buyer). It is Benefit Full-Finish Lipstick in Flirt Alert and it is still one of my favorite colors and formulas. I don't hear much said about this brand's lipstick, but it's creamy and beautiful!

I've been collecting records, though never too seriously, since about 2003. I have a small collection of rare/valuable records that I love, but mostly I just buy vinyl that I like to listen to. My boyfriend/fiancé/whatever came into our relationship with a hearty collection that I co-opted as well. He has wonderful taste in music and turns me on to much of what I listen to. He and I have a little record label, Ziti Records, and have put out one AMAZING 45rpm. Though I am certainly old enough to have had vinyl records as a child, my interest in vinyl was renewed in 2003 because of one band, The White Stripes. I fell in love with them in 2002 after hearing their 3rd album, White Blood Cells but it wasn't until I went to a concert in Kansas City in 2003 that I became obsessed with the band entirely. I bought this record, Elephant, not long after that show even though I didn't even own a record player. Basically, I thought it was pretty....I have a weakness for colored vinyl.

As far as this blog goes, I plan to discuss my passion for beauty and music and wherever they may intermingle. I'll end my posts with a quick bit of what lipstick I'm wearing that day and what I'm listening to as well.
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