Swatches of MAC Reds - Including New RiRi Woo!

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With the release of RiRi Woo, the new Rihanna lipstick from MAC based off of the iconic color Ruby Woo, I decided to also pick up another beauty-blogger favorite, Russian Red. Instead of just showing swatches of RiRi Woo for you all, I thought it might be fun to swatch all of the deep red lipsticks that I have from MAC.

First, a bit about RiRi Woo. Rihanna loves wearing Ruby Woo, so for her RiRi <3 MAC collection, she wanted to make a few changes to it to improve it for her a little. I was hoping that improvement would include a little bit less of the dry feeling, but it feels just as dry. The color is different, a little deeper, but just BARELY. If you own Ruby Woo, you don't really need RiRi Woo. It doesn't have different packaging, but RiRi Woo does have the embossed lipstick bullet. Eh.

Now onto the swatches!

All of these, with the exception of MAC Red, are Matte lipsticks. RiRi Woo is the first of a new finish called Retro Matte. I didn't notice a big difference between the Matte of Ruby Woo and the Retro Matte of RiRi Woo though. But remember, not all MAC Mattes are alike! If you find Ruby Woo too drying and have decided that MAC Mattes are not for you now, think again! Ruby Woo seems to be the most drying of all the MAC Mattes. Deeply Adored isn't nearly as drying, and both Ronnie Red and Russian Red are actually very creamy!

  • Charmed I'm Sure came out in the Marilyn Monroe collection. It is a deeper red and is a somewhat berry red. It is not quite so matte as Ruby Woo, but still leaves that matte feeling on your lips.
  • Russian Red is a staple of most red lipstick lovers collections. It is a beautiful deep red with a tough more of an orange lean to it in the best possible way. I just received it, so I can't speak to how well it wears yet, but from swatching it, this lipstick goes on SO nicely. It swiped like some of my most creamy lipsticks, so it's hard to believe that it's a matte finish!
  • RiRi Woo is from the RiRi <3 MAC collection and introduces the Retro Matte finish. I'm not sold on this finish. It was actually difficult to swatch. I had to kind of go over it a few times to get it to go on evenly. The color is a blue-based true red and is amazingly beautiful. But if you have Ruby Woo already, you don't need this.
  • Ruby Woo has been a cornerstone of my lipstick collection. It's a beautiful color, blue-based true red almost exactly like RiRi Woor, but it is super dry. I always wear it with a primer or chapstick to help keep my lips from drying out. I still love it though. 
  • MAC Red is amazing because it is a Satin so it is less dry and is a dream to put on your lips. This color is a little more pinkish than Ruby Woo. 
  • Ronnie Red is from the Archie's Girls collection and is even more pinkish than MAC Red. It has a matte finish, but it really seems like it is more satin. It even has a bit of sheen to it, though I suppose after it is on for a while, it is more matte.

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