Third Man Records to Release Soundtrack for "The Great Gatsby" on Metallized Vinyl

8:15 PM

To coincide with the release of The Great Gatsby, Third Man Records has announced that they are releasing the soundtrack for the film on vinyl with pre-sales on their website beginning May 10th for release on June 11th. This standard edition will be on 180 gram vinyl and will have a gold foil stamped gatefold sleeve.

In the perfect combination of the lavishness of The Great Gatsby and the ultra special limited edition versions of releases by Third Man Records, there will also be a limited edition metallized version of the album in stunning gold and platinum. Yes, you heard that right, gold and platinum records.

In fact, according to Third Man Records, these will be the first ever commercially released gold and platinum records. They should also be able to be played on your everyday turntable. And they just look beautiful! There is no specific details about how many of these have been made, though I would presume not very many as these are such a pricey item.

Not only are the records themselves beautiful, but the sleeves these records come in are wood with aluminum spines. The wood has The Great Gatsby cover design laser-cut to allow the precious metal to shine through from the inside. You can see more detail of the process on this video posted by Third Man Records:

This special edition set of gold and platinum records will be available for sale beginning at 9am (no time zone is specified, but TMR is in Nashville so I presume it is CST) on Friday, May 10th and are $250. There will also be 100 available for sale at the physical location of Third Man Records in Nashville, TN at 10am on Friday, May 10th.

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