Dupe Alert w/Swatches YSL Red Muse vs MAC Ronnie Red vs Milani Red Label

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One of my all time favorite lipsticks is my Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté lipstick in Red Muse. It's creamy and smooth and the perfect bright true red. However, it is $34. So, I found a couple other things at different price points that might fill the void if you are looking for something like this but don't want that high of a price tag.

First, is Ronnie Red from MAC for a midpoint of $15. I hesitate to include this since it was limited edition, but it can still be found on ebay sometimes and CCOs. Ronnie Red is listed as a matte shade, but it is the least matte shade I've ever had from MAC. It isn't drying and it doesn't dry down matte like, say, Ruby Woo. You can even see the slight sheen in the swatch photo. It is also a touch more pinkish than Red Muse.

Finally, Milani Color Statement lipstick in Red Label is a really, really close dupe. It feels slightly more heavy on the lips and is a touch more drying, but the difference in price is drastic (Red Label is just $5.49 compared to Red Muse at $34). The color is pretty spot on, as is the finish. I really like this lipstick, though I feel like it needs a primer or lipliner to be sure it stays in place.

Overall, I still love the YSL Rouge Volupté formula, though if I had Red Label before I purchased Red Muse, I would have chosen another color since it really is such a close dupe. 

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