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My sister recently gave me a couple new products she found at the drugstore as a gift. Even though I had never heard of Sula, I was immediately intrigued by the packaging. The design is simple and the lipstick tube is made of metal and not plastic. They feel nice and look nice, which I personally find important in my beauty products.

Most importantly though, the products are nice. They are listed as "natural" but who really knows what that means these days. The website doesn't seem to say much about it, so it doesn't seem like it really means anything.


The lipstick I got is called "PUCKER UP" and is a straight up orange, which really does match the bottom of the tube. It is creamy and goes on smooth. It has nice staying power and doesn't dry out my lips. I like this formula a lot and plan to pick up more of these lipsticks. I've swatched it next to what I considered an orangey lipstick before I got this one, MAC Lady Danger. Haha. You can see the difference.


 The lip and cheek tint is in "ALL I EVER WANTED" and has a minty smell that is refreshing, especially in the summer. I quite like to use cheek tints for summer instead of powder because it feels nicer on the skin to me. This tint is quite pigmented and I just dot it on and blend it with my fingers. For the photo, I did a mega swatch and then blended it as much as I could to give you an idea of that too. When blended, it is a rose pink that looks like a natural flush on my pale skin when I use a light hand.

One Swipe

One Swipe Blended

Overall, I have a very good impression of this brand and want to explore more of their products.

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