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Before I get into this beautiful collection from Tarte, a little about Vine. It is a fairly new iPhone app available through iTunes that allows users to post short videos and share with followers. With these six second clips I have been showing makeup and sometimes swatching products while playing amazeballs music in the background. However, Vine has been a bit of a jerk and I have problems uploading most of my clips, so uploads have not been as frequent as I would like. BOO. It's only been around since January, so I suppose they are working out the kinks.

If you decide to check out Vine, the blog username is: RecordsAndRedLipstick

This is what I got from the Tarte Aqualillies collection. I picked up the lipstick in Timeless, the eyeliner in Splash, and the finishing powder. Can you even with these packages?? I wanted everything simply because of that! The Cheek and Eye Palette looks really nice, but I really don't need more neutral eye shadows (okay, I don't need more lipstick or eyeliner either...but....). I really think Tarte hit it out of the park as far as the beauty of the packaging matching the beauty of the Aqualillies themselves. I mean, look at these:

In this clip I am playing Iggy and the Stooges - Tight Pants. This was my first Vine and I didn't quite have the audio part down well with changing photos and the songs are jacked up on the first few, so it does not do the songs justice. I am OBSESSED with this song right now. It's one that I think about and have to put it on and play it at least twice. I have included a youtube of it because you need it in your life.

This is the Tarte Glamazon lipstick in Timeless being swatched. As you can see it has amazing coverage with just one swipe. The color is a coraly pink and is a perfect color for the spring. This lipstick is very long-wearing, and therefore it feels a little dry, but as long as I apply lip balm beneath it, I have no issues with it drying my lips. My only complaint would be that the bullet is kind of loose in the tube. It hasn't broken from the base, but when I apply it, it leans against the side and if I don't adjust it before rolling the tube down, it scrapes on the side. I hate it when that happens! Otherwise, the packaging is very, very adorable. It's a bamboo tube like their other Glamazon lipsticks, but for this collection it has scales and has the logo at the bottom. I can't get over how cute.

The song is The Equals - Hold Me Closer (another great song that should be listened to so I will put the video in below this)

This is the Tarte Aqualillies waterproof eyeliner in Splash. I love the pop of color that a liner can give and this teal with metallic shimmer is great. The color isn't as bright as I expected, but I personally am glad it's a bit more subtle and the shimmer makes it pop anyway. I plan on wearing this a lot this summer with just a neutral base of shadow and some mascara. And waterproof is nice since summer = sweaty mess. Plus, this came with a REALLY nice brush. I have the Sonia Kashuk bent eyeliner brush already, but this one has an even finer tip and I like it better since it has both a bent and a straight side.

This song is Frantic Romantic by The Scientists. It's also amazing. I'll probably quit saying that about every song because I'm obviously only using songs I love and think the world needs to here. We got this record on Record Store Day last spring (I believe). If you don't know about Record Store Day, you should look into it soon as it is on April 20th this year. And again, youtube of the song below...

I also picked up the Tarte Aqualillies Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder. I've been using a small travel size of this powder for months and I love it a lot lot lot. It doesn't give a white cast on my skin, though I am pretty pale. It leaves a super smooth finish on my skin and it helps keep me from getting shiny. I haven't used it through summer yet, so that will be the true test for me. I have combo skin, so my forehead gets quite the sheen after waiting on the subway platform in 90 degree weather. However, it did fair well all winter when classrooms and subway trains are overheated to compensate for the cold weather. I have wanted the larger size because it is a little hard to get the brush dipped in the powder with the travel size container. When I saw they had the powder with the adorable Aqualillies collection, I jumped on that.

For the video, I wanted to show how to get the product out of this thing. I had a hard time when I got the travel one because I thought it was supposed to be like how you get Bare Minerals foundation out, but it's not. There is only one hole! You press down on each side of the hole and the product comes out like Mt Vesuvious. I have noticed that after a few days, the product settles and this doesn't work. I usually just tap the sides of the jar a few times and then it works again.

The song is Out of This World by Gino Washington and the Atlantics. Again, amaze.

Overall, these products are all pretty wonderful, even with their little hitches. And I seriously can't get over the packaging. I even kept the boxes because I can't bring myself to throw them away yet....

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